Friday, February 6, 2009

New Books!

New books in this week:

Impossible by Nancy Werlin
17 year old Lucy Scarborough finds out she is doomed to suffer her family curse. If she cannot complete 3 impossible tasks by the time her first child is born, she will fall into madness. Based on the ballad "Scarborough Fair".

Vidalia in Paris by Sasha Watson

Vidalia wins a scholarship that allows her to move to Paris to study art. When there she falls for two guys. One a quiet guy who works at a bookstore, the other a mysterious art dealer. When she finally discovers the extent of the art dealer's illegal activities it may be too late.

Something Wicked by Alan Gratz

High school detective Horatio Wilkes finds himself mixed up in a plot surrounding a death at a Scottish Highland Fair. What with suspicious parents, goth-punk bagpipers, hot girls and caber tossing, Horatio will need lots of snark and smarts to solve this one.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

North America is in ruins and the cruel Capital that rules the remains demands that the 12 outlying districts provide 1 girl and boy each year to participate in the Hunger Games. A fight to the death on live tv.

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